Dear Members


We have been watching the forecast carefully all week with the expectation of snow. From a highways perspective, those roads on the precautionary gritting network have been treated several times this week, including yesterday afternoon and again from 2am this morning. The gritting network can be viewed on our interactive map: NNC Interactive Mapping (arcgis.com)


From a waste collection perspective: all crews were out this morning on their normal collection rounds. With the snow still falling in many areas, crews are now having difficulty navigating some areas safely. We are therefore having to pull some of them back in. With these large, heavily laden vehicles, it can be unsafe for residents, property and the crews to drive along roads if they are slippery. We will continue to operate where we can, and we will plan mop-up rounds for when the weather permits us to return.


We are already informing customer services and our communications teams so they can inform our residents.


Where streets have not been visited by our crews, there is no need for residents to report the bins as missed. They should leave their bins out where it is practical to do so, and we will return as soon as we can.


Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding