The Moat

A small rectangular moat and earthworks are all that remains of what is thought to be the site of an early 16th century house built by Sir Robert Kirkham at Little Green. Situated immediately to the north east of the village of Warmington, on the south side of a small brook and accessed from Buntings Lane, the moat measures approximately 45m from north to south and 55m from east to west including the surrounding ditch. The remains of a causeway crosses the ditch to the moat island in the north eastern corner of the site.

The moat ditch is up to 3m deep in places with a flat bottom up to a metre wide, and averages 10m in width. On the west side of the moat the ditch is still waterlogged, and there are traces of an outer bank. The moat island is rectangular, has a flat top which is slightly higher than the surrounding land and measures approximately 15m x 20m. In the north west corner of the site lies the remains of a water channel leading from the nearby brook into the moat ditch. The house was demolished in the late 17th century.