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Recreation Ground

Since the early 1950’s the recreation ground has been the village’s football pitch, used first by Warmington Wasps and later Warmington FC. In about 2000, a group of villagers helped to transform it into the’ Fun field’ with facilities for wider community use. What is now known officially as the Recreation Ground is a sports, play and open space facility that can be enjoyed by the whole community.

Please note no dogs are allowed on the field.

The recreation ground is managed and run by the parish council, under the Land Management Committee. It is located next to Peterborough Road, between Dexter Way and Buntings Lane.

The recreation ground can be used for birthday parties, barbecues, and other community events. Please email the clerk for more details.

Report issues at the Recreation Ground

Play Equipment

Play equipment includes a swing basket that encourages all sorts of play activities and allows for inclusive use, the climbing logs pile encourages physical activity, risk awareness, development of strength and balance plus a range of imagination play games.  Other play facilities include a small trim trail, zip wire, full-size football pitch, and a 5 a-side pitch.

Recreation Ground Climbing Logs And Swings
Recreation Ground Adventure Play
Recreation Ground Bench And Adventure Play

Outdoor Gym

In December 2021, the parish council sought the views of residents as to what projects they would like to see developed in the village. As a result of this consultation an area of the recreation ground has been developed as an outdoor gym.

The outdoor gym is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and exercise at the same time. It is free to use, suitable for all fitness levels and offers a variety of equipment. Regularly using the equipment can not only improve strength and fitness, but also mobility, balance and co-ordination.

The six individual fitness stations that have been included are designed for people 1.4m tall+ and have been selected to increase strength and improve cardio. Each unit is designed to target a specific muscle group, creating a variety of activities which can create a full body workout or aid recuperation after accident or illness.

  • Seatless Arm Bike and Wheels: Developing the arm and shoulder muscles.
  • Stepper: A great cardio workout that targets the calves, quads and glute muscles.
  • Lat Pull/Chest Press: This unit will develop and strengthen the muscles. The Chest Press provides an upper body workout focusing on the chest and arms. The Lat Pull focuses on developing the shoulders and the triceps.
  • Rower: A full body cardio workout using the arms and legs simultaneously to complete rowing actions. This unit is perfect to help with trimming up and maintaining a healthy body and figure.
  • Arm Bike: This unit provides a full body cardio workout and helps to build stamina. The user can use both arms and legs simultaneously.
  • Combi Benches: This unit allows the user to gain a wider range of abdominal movement whilst performing sit-ups.

Although children under the height of 1.4m cannot use the equipment, seeing others perform exercises in an outdoor gym will encourage them to be more active and to feel confident in exercising in front of others.

Although the equipment may seem daunting at first, each piece has clear exercise instructions so the user will feel confident in performing each movement.

Please use all the equipment responsibly.

Warmington Outdoor Gym Notice
Outdoor Gym Equipment
Outdoor Gym Equipment 2
Outdoor Gym Fixed Bicycle
Outdoor Rowing Machine
Warmington Outdoor Gym
Football Pitch

Football Pitch

The full-size football pitch is available for hire. A portacabin provides changing and separately accessible toilet facilities.

Eric Heath, a former resident of Warmington, has written a small book about local football including the Warmington Wasps. For more information, go to www.yourgrandadsfootball.co.uk which has a large collection of information and photos of local football teams.

Recreation Ground Bbq Disposal

Barbecue Area

There is an area set aside for disposable barbecues – we ask that you take into account the safety signs on display and let us know in advance if you will be having a barbecue. The picnic bench closest to the Dexter Way entrance has extended ends to enable use for wheelchair users and high-level buggies. Please ensure that you take all waste home with you, or use the litter bins provided.

Recreation Ground Policies

This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology and are in the following formats: .pdf. Request an accessible format.