About the Council

Parish councils are the elected first layer of local government and provide the statutory tier of local government closest to the people. Their powers and duties, and the manner in which a parish council operates, are laid out in local government statute and regulations.

These powers relate essentially to local matters, such as looking after community open spaces, allotments, closed churchyards, cemeteries, festivals, fireworks, play areas and much more. The parish council also has the power to raise money through taxation, the precept.

Local councils are not accountable to the Unitary, County or District councils; they are separate stand-alone bodies that are an essential part of the structure of local democracy and have a vital role in acting on behalf of the community they represent.

On behalf of the community the council gives views on planning applications and other proposals that affect the parish; it undertakes schemes and projects that benefit local residents, works in partnership with other bodies to achieve benefits for the parish, alerts relevant authorities to problems that arise or work that needs to be undertaken, helps the other tiers of local government keep in touch with the local communities, articulates the needs and wishes of its community, works closely with voluntary groups in its community, encourages solutions to community issues and acts as an information point for the community.

Warmington Parish Council is a very active council, frequently leading on projects that benefit the local community by drawing on its extensive local knowledge and understanding of the well-being needs of the local community, and with the resources to take the initiative. The council always welcomes input from village residents; please support it by providing your feedback, questions and ideas.