As an essential stage in the democratic process, planning applications are normally discussed by the parish council. Whilst the parish council is a statutory consultee, it does not grant or refuse applications; the Local Planning Authority (North Northamptonshire Council) makes the decision according to planning law.

If you wish to object to an application, we encourage you to make your views known to the parish council at the appropriate meeting or in writing to the clerk, although the council is not obliged to pass on any such comments to the planning authority. Full details of planning applications appear on the North Northamptonshire Council website where you can also submit your comments.

Any potential developer is encouraged to engage with the parish council to discuss their proposals prior to submitting them. This can assist the developer in providing a more community lead development.

In the case of planning applications deemed to have a significant impact on Warmington, the parish council will seek to highlight them to the community and provide updates wherever possible.