Warmington Providence Allotments

Hidden behind the hedge on Stamford Lane, allotment tenants enjoy the benefits of an active outdoor life growing their own produce.

Warmington Providence Allotments were established in 2003 on land in Stamford Lane leased from Elton Estate by Warmington Parish Council.

Today there are 3 full plots and 18 half plots.

The annual rent is £30 for a full plot and £15 for a half plot.

The allotments are thriving and local residents are encouraged to put their name on the waiting list.

Facilities include a large communal shed, 5 outside taps, and the services of the Parish council contractors who regularly cut the Communal grass and hedge.  Tenants can have a shed on their own individual lot if required.

Raised Beds at the allotment
Vegetable Growing at the allotment
Plots at the allotment
Vegetable plots and polytunnels

Tenants can access the Warmington Horticultural Society’s ‘Sutton Seeds Group’ whereby seeds can be obtained at a 50% reduction. Each year there is an annual plot competition arranged through the Warmington Horticultural Society and coinciding with the annual village show.

If you would like to have further information about the allotments and/or have your name put on the waiting list please contact Richard Bream, the parish councils allotment coordinator, via richard@warmington.org

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Allotment documents

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