We are fortunate in our village to be able to leave our homes and go on so many lovely country walks without ever needing to get in a car.  So get walking, it’s good for the body and for the soul!

A Walking for Wellbeing group meets once a month. It is managed by North Northants Council under the auspices of Ramblers Association.  Its aim is to get people walking for health.

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The East Northamptonshire Greenway was conceived in 2015 and aims to make attractive and safer walking and cycling routes available in the heart of the Nene Valley. It will provide the opportunity for informal recreation and a safer, alternative means of transport.

The Warmington section runs from the parish boundary on the ‘roman road’ (the track from Ashton) and through the village to Eaglethorpe. From the underpass it continues along the bridleway and along the edge of ‘The Fern’ woodland into the parkland of Elton Hall.  The route continues down to the footbridge over the stream, which is the parish boundary.

From this point the bridleway continues to Elton, and links to the Peterborough Green Wheel.

Greenway Bridleway
Warmington Greenway Path

Rainbow Walks

The ‘Rainbow Walks’ vary in length and are designed for those who wish to improve their well-being by taking an increasing amount of exercise in a pleasant environment. All walks start from Glebe Stores in the centre of the village.